Aww Maan!!!

Ha! I guess who I ran into tonight?! Give up? Laughing Pizza!

It's a band that plays on PBS. My fave song is Rock Girl. I met the parents outside of Borders. I was being nosey as always and saw this big colorful van. I'm like what the heck is that! (leaning all in front of my dad lol.) On the back of the van I read "Laughing Pizza". I 'm thinking that sounds familiar "Is that the old pizza place I went to?" Then it dawned on me "OMGosh that's the band from PBS Kids!!!" lol. My sister got up the nerve to ask them if we were correct in our assumptions and we were!!!! She told them that she watches their commercials and loves them. I just smiled from ear to ear in agreement waving like a maniac. lol It was cool and they were nice to us.

Another thing. My fave dance crew is coming to my city and I can't even go see them :( I'm so freakin depressed about that.


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