My Asian Persuasion

You were bound to find out about it. lol I'll explain the background story of how I came to love things Asian later. For now I wanted to talk about how i just discovered the Korean Mariah Carey.

So I've been watching this Korean variety show "We Got Married" (I'm still trying to figure out the point of it. If someone knows tell me, please?), anyways umm this lady named Hwa Yobi is (well was) a participant on there. After hearing her sing "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton for her "husband" I was very impressed. So with my professional googling skills I went rummaging through her music and found that she really reminds me of Mariah Carey. She especially reminded me of her in the music video Kiss Kiss Kiss ft Sleepy (lol yea that's the artist's name).

Here's the link for the song I first song hear Hwa Yobi sing (She starts singing at 2:39):

I wouldn't sing this song in front of hundreds of people for someone lol but she did a great job and the part where it said she messed up is wrong that's actually part of the original song.


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