Celebrity Heart Break

I feel sorry for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Rhianna. Even though their significant others hurt them they still wanted to go back. Unlike us normal folk they have to suffer through not only seeing the guy again but him being glamorized and not being able to go back. Not only will they get ridiculed and criticized but they may also hurt their careers.

In my own situation I thank God that I don't have to see the ones that hurt me. If they're dating someone else I don't have to hear about what's going on in their relationship. They aren't in the movies or glamorized in front of me to move my emotions in any sort of way.

This is one reason I don't date. I don't like heartbreak. I can tolerate being upset at them but not being heartbroken. I won't keep purposefully putting myself in that situation. If a guy likes me and wants to be my husband he's got a lot of proving to do.

That's all lol


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