My first blog Yay!!

Hey Temp here,

So this is my first blog on this site yay me. :)

So for future references my blogs may have things in common but I really don't feel like limiting my blog to a particular subject so like the description says this is just random me.

Anyways today's kinda busy for me. I have to learn the moves to one song and the lyrics to another. I really shouldn't have put it off till the day of but that's how I roll sometimes. Then tomorrow I have this big project to record so I need to prepare for a bit more. Prayerfully everything will go well and I'll be hired again. Jai ho! Fighting!! lol

I love showing things I found interesting or cool. Some times I may leave you with a picture, or poem or video it all depends on my mood. Today I'm showing you this awesome band called...


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