Love It or Leave It: Film Reviews 4

I meant to post this in January but things happened and here we are in February. (Happy Feb. btw) lol Atleast it's up now. Instead of using stars to rate I use  (hearts) meaning I love it and to represent leave it I chose this symbol: (pointing hand).


  I was really apprehensive about this film but after watching it I tell you if you love a good comedy you're going to love this. I was cracking up at almost every scene.

The leading blue man also known as MegaMind leads a life of crime and all around badness. His opponent: Metro Man, The Good Guy, has been his rival since their wee years. As battles ensue the fight between good and evil wages on deeper than expected.

There a lot of funny action movies out but there are few that are able to tell a good story and be unpredictable at the same time. This film is going in for the classics.

I was also surprised at how awesome the graphics were. Not as great as Avatar but you can see DreamWorks' quality of cgi growing exponentially.

You'll love this bad guy and all his bad grammar.

♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts) One of the best animated film of 2010. iLoVeIt!!!!!

Open Season 3

   I can't believe they made a third film. I thought the first one was cute and funny but the second wasn't good. However the third one was pretty interesting. It was funny and the plot was better than the second.

This time around Boog and Elliot are back picking up where they left off. Elliot is with Gissell and his new family and Boog is the forest handy bear. When Guy's Trip is made into a one bear show Boog sets off on his own to find a home where all the bears are together.

I'm still upset that the original cast wasn't there on the second and third installment but the actors for Boog and Elliot kind of sounded like Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher this time. The animation was still bad though. Maybe that's a some new art wave for kid films. I'd hate to think the creators don't appreciate their young audience enough to put out quality work.

I was happy to see some familiar faces from the second film in this latest feature. I really didn't think I'd see them in there.

♥♥♥♥ (4½ hearts) This was better than the last film but it was still lacking. I'm LeavingIt because the chances of me purposefully going back to watch this is slim (My own taste).


   RED is the acronym for Retired Extremely Dangerous and that's exactly what this movie's about. 

Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, a retired ex-CIA agent going through the motions of retired life. When his peaceful life is disturbed he reunites his former team to fight hit-men and understand who is attacking him and why.

Being a DC film I had to see this and guess what it rocked!! Hopefully DC will continue to make good movies.

Karl "Cute hair" Urban was in this film also. This is the third time I've seen him on screen. The first was in the Lord of the Rings Series and the second time Karl was portraying McCoy of Star Trek.

Besides the few swear words it was really good movie. I was guessing all the way through it. The plot was intriguing and unpredictable making the film worth the adventure to discovery.

For a movie filled with older people it had quite a lot of action packed into it. A few of the cast members even got romantic/action scenes. I really can't recall any scene where I wasn't laughing from the comedy included making this a fun movie to watch.

♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts) I really liked this film. iLoVeIt!!!


I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the above films. Please leave a comment if you've seen these movies or plan to see them.

; ) Tempress


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