iHaTeIt When... (Hypocrites)

Yall know I love most things Asian but there are somethings within the culture American and abroad that I can not stand. I think it's pretty apparent that I can't tolerate racism.

Man you make music that sounds like "mine" and listen to "black" music all day long. Learn our lingo and even call each other the "n" word (in no way am I endorsing it) yet you don't like me? I don't get it!!

You want my endorsement and support but you don't want my true friendship?? I don't understand it. I can't grasp the reality of you wanting one thing and can't accept what comes with it. I guess they don't understand that if you want a huge following, people outside your race are probably going to be within your target audience. Now if you want to grow your audience I'm pretty sure you will have to reach outside your community.

You have backhanded comments yet get offended when someone calls you out. You pass judgement on everyone else but you don't want that same judgement passed on you. When I pass judgements I make sure I check to myself also. And if I find the same problems I'm calling out in other within myself I strive to fix it.

How the heck can you get mad at someone for being racist towards you yet you don't learn from it??!!!
Broaden your horizons boy!! Your apathy sickens me.

You ask them to their face and they will swear all day long that they aren't but you listen to what some folks say, do and go and the racial stereotypes are obvious in their attitudes.

I include places because I hear many people say "that's ghetto". You've never even been in the ghetto. Your amount of time spent there was a drive pass. Your amount of knowledge comes from the media.
Just like when tragedies happen and people get counted as numbers in death toll rates, the same happens in the hood. You don't know the people that live there to be passing judgement like you do.

I'm not going to call anyone out (which I really want to do) I'm just going to ask my small audience to pass this message along to everyone. You don't have to pass this blog around just the lesson of learning from racism. This is not targeted to Asians but inspired from heart-ache and given to everyone.

Some people will take this as I'm saying Asians are horrible racist people and if that's your conclusion you've missed the whole point. Check yourself for the same bad attitudes toward people and places.

Does anyone remember the story of David and Bathsheba?


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