You Want S'more Pie?

So this is my second food blog and another fiasco for the books. LOL

I got the idea from this Made With Pink, a pastry baker in the UK. Check it out here: Please Sir, May I Have S'More?

I tried this by the instructions the first time and loved it so this time I had to make it my own. lol I decided to try to make a rounded cake like pie for my second experiment with this recipe.

If you're going to try this read the blog thoroughly first to be certain that you're equipped for battle. lol

Store bought graham cracker crust or make it like instructed in the MWP blog.
Explaining the darker crust area: Somehow a piece of the crust broke off and fell outside the inclosed plastic and so I had to remake some crust which I learned from the MWP blog.

Strawberry Marshmallows (flavor and size optional)
Last time I tried this I had mini white marshmallows so now I'm trying pink strawberry puffs cut in half.

 Chocolate (Already melted or you can take the longer route like myself)
Last time was a hershey's bar now I got the Nestle Toll House bag

Graham Crackers (Preferably crushed or you'll be like me having to do it yourself which is not easy.)

Here's the topping.

Sugar (This is not required but I couldn't take the semi sweetened chocolate. I needed it to be sweeter.)
Only about two tablespoons in each batch of chocolate

Time to start baking:

First we deal with the chocolate. To melt chocolate you'll need a double boiler which I don't have. So we make our own!!! DIY time. :D
1. You get a nice sized pot and a metal bowl which can fit tightly into the pot. 
2. You fill the pot half way with water and then stick the bowl in and bring the water to a low boil. (Make sure there is no water in your metal bowl)
3. Take half of your chocolate and put it into the bowl (crush your chocolate to make it easier to melt if it's not already).
4. Allow the water to simmer and stir the chocolate occasionally to help the process.
5. (optional) Add a table spoon or two of sugar to the melted chocolate

The bag said it was ok to use a microwave to melt the chocolate but every time I used the microwave it burns my chocolate and melts the bowl. Maybe the microwave will work better for you. You can allow your chocolate to simmer while you cut marshmallows (It won't burn if you occasionally stir and keep the temp low).

 Pour/Scoop your chocolate into the graham cracker crust and smooth as much as possible.
Looks like pudding. lol

 Take your halved marshmallows and place them in the chocolate pressing down a bit.

Melt the rest of your chocolate like shown above and pour onto the marshmallows.

I cut the rest of my marshmallows into thirds which helped not only to cover the top of the pie but to make sure it wasn't too high above the crust.

 Preheat your oven to 350 and put in the pie allowing it to bake for about 6 minutes
I accidently over-baked and so my topping crust wouldn't stick.

Ground your Graham crackers if they aren't already and spread it over  the marshmallows
So this is what the final product looks like.

Cut yourself a slice and warm it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and eat.

I love strawberries so I had my strawberry marshmallow pie with strawberry ice cream. :D mmmm
I'm going to turn into a pink monster lol

I had fun making this pie and it taste great.


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