Break the Cycle!!!

"The importance of fathers is unmitigated. It's so sad to me to see so many women convincing themselves that their children do not need one. I pray that my sisters wake up because in the [black community] over 80% of black babies are being born OUTSIDE of wedlock! And many if not most of these babies will NOT have a father in their lives, and yet we have the audacity to wonder why our children are running wild, and reeking havoc...
Ladies please wake up." - Taylor-Sara

Use the brain that God gave you and stop the cycle! Please just think. Don't let your emotions over run your rational. I know you care for this guy but giving your body over to him because he's cute and he says he loves you just won't cut it 9 months from now when he's disappeared and you have to take care of that child by yourself.

In the black community this is so rampant. If you're one of the few black women who were blessed to have the father of your child stick around to raise them thank God but I don't excuse you from my plea. That doesn't happen for every woman so I say keep your gift wrapped until you both say "I do." Grow up and have some self respect -more than what the tv is teaching but what the gospel is teaching.

Men it's your job to protect your wife. You may not have one now but your job starts now. Protect her from baby mama drama, protect her from sexual diseases, protect her from financial insecurity, protect her from an uncaring you. The time is now. Work on making yourself Mr. Right if you want a Mrs. Right and if you don't want a wife stop playing with female hearts!! Grow up and be a man!! Take care of the mess you make, be responsible and a gentleman. You're suppose to be able to lead a family not only financially but spiritually. Are you ready for that kind of responsibility? If not, stop playing house and stop dating until you're ready.

I had to get this out of my system I'm so sick of seeing this cycle. I'm trying my hardest to be excluded from it and it's possible. It starts with self control.

I have a dream that one day MORE black families will include a father and a mother raising children to be responsible adults who respect themselves and others. But this is not just for black people but for every person who is destroying their future by not thinking things through and practicing self restraint.

Break the Cycle
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