iHaTeIt When... (Endings)

   I loathe when movies are rushed at the end but especially shows. You have 25 plus episodes and you can't use that time equally?

   I really like K-dramas but if they continue to make horrible endings I'm going to find something else to watch. C-dramas and J-dramas are ok but I don't watch many of them, K-dramas seem to have the better quality (as in clarity) to me.

   They drag out the plot so only one significant thing happens an episode. Nearing the end of the series you see the problems that should be getting resolved not happening and so us regular viewer already know the outcome. The supposedly satisfying ending is stuffed into one episode completing the series and leaving the audience upset.

Prime example: Boys Over Flowers [Warning: Spoilers]

   That horrid mother causes all sorts of calamity and at the end of the show she gets what she wants and just leaves them alone. The girl who almost broke the couple up just gets sent off. The couple themselves barely get together and then the show goes off with an uncertain ending.

Seriously with all of the drama that went on in this series I'm sure they could have given their loyal audience a bit more happiness at the finale.

This story is based off of a Japanese comic. It has been put on screen a few different times and although the plot is the same there's always some difference in the script with each version and I'm sure they could have planned this better. I think the Japanese version of this show was the best version, though.

Determined by the few J and C-dramas I've seen, they are pretty good at gratifying the fans with their plot.


For my non K-pop viewer if you want to become apart of the Asian drama audience check out these sites
Mysoju: Offers a large selection of shows and movies with as much detail.
ViKi: The clarity of Viki videos is awesome. Viki offers viewers a chance to read and put your their thoughts on the top of the screen.

Definitions: K-Korean, C-Chinese, J-Japanese



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