A new year brings new snow. Down South we don't get much of the lovely white fluff but this time we got  much more than usual. I took out my older cam for a few shots of the snow before it melted all away and I'd regret not capturing a bit of it. My blog is named Ice and not snow because one that's what the snow has basically turned into on it's third day here and plus I have a February post from last year on this same topic titled Snow!!!! (I believe those pictures are better- taken with the same cam also).

❅❄ Baby It's Cold Outside❄❅ 

 ✳The snow was almost a foot high this year : )



My favorite bird, the Red Cardinal posed for a few pictures for me. ♥ There were quite a few out that day.♥


We haven't seen the sun all week but it looks to be slowly breaking through finally
Here comes the sun... do do do do...
And the little children beg the sun to stay away so they can get more days out of school. :D

I might not like the cold very much but I do enjoy the bit of snow we get from time to time. Winter has it's purpose so I revel in the beauty of it for the season.

Have a happy and safe Winter,


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