Love It or Leave It: Film Reviews 3

 Here is my third post of this series. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on these films. Instead of using stars to rate I use ♥ (hearts) meaning I love it and to represent leave it I chose this symbol: ☞ (pointing hand). So without further ado...

Knight and Day

   Cameron Diaz plays June Haven, (in my opinion) a bowl full of silly awkwardness while Tom Cruise plays Roy Miller, a cool and confident "rogue" CIA agent looking to clear his name and protect the innocent. As June's safety quickly diminishes as her life becomes intertwined with Roy's mission. Trust is a main theme here and it is put through all kinds of test as lives are in peril. This turned out to be a pretty good film. Lot of laughs, lobbying and love.

This film would've been way fine without the swearing...

   I don't like CG very much because many people use it when it's unnecessary. I felt that some of it's use in Knight and Day could have been spared for a more real look.

   The thing I don't like about action films are the unbelievable invulnerable hero segments where a hundred people are shooting at the character yet he only gets a scratch and is able to take out all of his adversaries with one shot. But hey it's a movie I guess they can get away with that. lol

   There was some cursing, CG and unrealistic scenes but outside of that it was a fun movie. It was kind of like the Thomas Crown Affair- you were tricked into watching a chick flick. lol

♥♥♥♥☞ (4½ hearts) Surprisingly iLoVeIt.


   After being framed for a crime they didn't commit this elite but eccentric team break out of prison to clear their names. (Yes that sounds crazy to me too. :D) Lead chiefly by Hannibal Smith you follow FACE, B.A., and Murdock on their wild escapade of falling, running and shooting their way to freedom.

Ok there was a lot of cursing and violence in this film as I'm pretty sure you can just tell from the poster. Some CG scenes were included for safety reasons I'm guessing. Face brings up some interesting clips of him and his girl-friends. If you can get past the above critiques you may just enjoy The A-Team.

Based on an older 80s television show this remake film tried to stick close to the original characters in terms of appearance and attitude.

2010 Characters:
Liam Neeson as Hannibal, the leader of the group and behind most of the insane schemes. Bradley Cooper as FACE, the playboy con man able to get his hands on anything the team needs. Quinton Jackson as B.A., the tough as nails mechanical genius able to create "impressive machinery out of ordinary parts". Sharlto Copley as Murdock, Howling Mad was officially declared insane sparing him from some of the crimes the rest of the team faces. Murdock is able to fly anything assisting his team to escape or dive into danger.

♥♥♥♥☞ (4 hearts) iLoVeIt but I'm going to have to watch it on mute for a lot of the good parts.

Alpha & Omega

   Alpha and Omega is a completely CG film about the lives of the Alpha and Omega wolves. The food is scarce and the packs are divided leading to a battle over territorial rights. When lead Alpha and Omega wolves make an agreement to combine the packs not all the wolves agree with the method taken.

The CG wasn't the best but the plot was good enough to override the animation quality.

   I was very surprised at the amount of focus the theme of lust had on screen. This is a kid's movie!! Why do they feel the need to push this topic on them so early in life?

   Comedy was ridden throughout the film some innuendos, some violent but most laughs were just plain silly. I found some of the "swooning" moments funny but I really got a kick out of the Alpha mom wolf with (stealing my sister's words) a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex".

   My sister's observation based on questionable scenes lead her to relate this film to a "Lion King" knockoff. If you've seen The Lion King you'd probably come to the same conclusion.

Alpha and Omega is an entertaining movie but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again.

♥♥♥☞ (3½ hearts) I'm going to LeaveIt on the shelf for someone else to rent.


I hope you all like the reviews. Leave a comment on the films if you've seen them or plan to see them.


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