Race Relations: Friendship

It upsets me so much when someone judges me on the basis of my skin color.

   There was this new black girl at my church a while back and her mom and others kept pushing her to me and my friends who were black. Thing is, most of us were older than her and we tried to be nice to her but we didn't click. Later on after a fall out she hung out with some of the younger white girls from our church who she met on her own and who you could see she enjoyed much more.

  The difference was interest!! I grew up with my friends from elementary to high school so we all had mostly the same interest and the friends she hung out with all played sports like her. It wasn't our skin color that made my friends close it was interest and the same thing goes for dating.

Just because we share similar skin color doesn't mean we're going to get along. Just because we don't share the same skin color doesn't mean we won't get along.

Skin color is just skin color. What about my likes, dislikes, and beliefs?!!!

  Two young black men were talking to me (I believe they were interested in me) when the topic of politics came up. I can't remember in great detail how the conversation went but I know they were talking about Obama when they asked me of my opinion. I told them I voted mainly for Palin but McCain was on the ticket also. You should have seen their faces. Mouths open and eyes wide when they came to they kind of sided together and questioned me on why I would do such a thing. I told them why but I also told them that they were judging me based on my color. They denied any such discrimination but when I said, "If I was white and said I voted for Palin it wouldn't phase you and you wouldn't have questioned my decision", they quickly realized that I was right.

Don't judge me based on my skin color,


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