Single Ladies

As Stacie Orrico sang, "There's gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me."

You want to know why we're so desperate for companionship? The tv, the songs, media is feeding us a horrible message that if you're not in a relationship you're not living life truly, you can't be happy nor satisfied. I say without Christ you can't be truly satisfied.

There's this new show coming out this summer called Single Ladies...

They shouldn't have titled the show Single Ladies because they sure don't want to be single nor are they acting like ladies. How about Desperate Women?!! Come on!! Is that what being Single is all about? Looking for someone to change your status to taken?!

   I like Queen Latifah but she could have done better than this- A black "Sex in the City"? The trailer (I do not advise kids to watch this. It has a sex scene and swearing):

  For women who pride themselves about being strong and single it's very strange to see them acting the complete opposite whenever a man (single or not) comes into view. They preach singleness, strength and independency in their real lives yet portray women desperate for a man's attention, approval and money.

There's more to being single than looking for a spouse, sex and money. Careers are a big part of our single lives but we have interest/hobbies that we should enjoy. Friends we can actually get know rather than go man/girl gawking together. Travel, play, learn, do the things a Single woman can do because she doesn't have anybody to mainly look after. Take care of the family that raised you, learn to cook, drive (a motorcycle), set out personal goals for yourself- things you would like to do but can't really do with family to care for. That's all Disney and Nickelodeon topics are about - even the cartoons!! Back in the day shows use to be about adventures, responsibilities and silliness now it's like script writers can't think anymore.

If you're lonely buy a puppy and so distract yourself from man hunting. If you're meant to marry God  will bring your husband to you without your help. While you're waiting start praying for what you want in a spouse and not only that but pray for your spouse (their safety, their family, their relationship with God...).

I'm among the Single Lady demographic and I am not about to waste this freedom. I advise you all not to either - Single Lady or Single Man. God put us all on this earth for a reason figure it out and start your journey toward obedience. Christian singles should take this time to deepen their relationship with Christ while they have more energy to focus. Don't make these precious years wasted years.

Now breath and say this aloud with me "It's ok to be single." Now repeat this in your head and keep repeating it from time to time. lol : )

I'll see yall later,


  1. I agree with this and knew after one episode that this show was not for me to watch. Nice blogs by the way. I came cross it when I was looking for a pic of Trip Lee and his wife. You're right, it is hard to find pics of them :-) God Bless!

  2. Thanks!! I can't believe you found this entry. God Bless you too.


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