Love It Or Leave It: Film Reviews 2

This is my second installation of this series and as you can tell it's again film reviews. I hope you enjoy. Instead of using stars to rate I give ♥ (hearts) meaning I love it and to represent leave it I chose this symbol: ☞ (pointing hand). I hope you enjoy this blog and this segment.

Julie & Julia

   This 2009 film is based on two different but true stories about food, love, and ambition. It's a lovely film in which I found myself identifying with both Julie and Julia throughout most of the film sans the husband but replacing him with my supportive family.

    A woman sets out to do every recipe in Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" as Julia becomes the famous woman she's known to be. The audience takes a trip through time through Julie with Julia. ("We laughed, we cried, it moved me Bob."- Larry the Cucumber. lol sorry) They did a great job in combining two different times, places and stories into one film, it flowed seamlessly from one plot to another making it amazing.

   What I didn't like was the swearing and the republican defamation snuck into the film. They really could have gone without the swearing and politics. Seriously you don't have many movies where the dems are the target like they try to do republicans. The swearing seemed very unnecessary and random to me. It really didn't fit the film in my opinion.

    Well that's was the part I didn't like most about this film. I'm an aspiring cook, well mostly pastry chef. I love sweets. I truly do love the art of cooking. It's a bit of everything: Math, Science, history, Social Studies, even P.E. at times. I'm not the best at it but give me time and more practice and I'll do my best with what I have. I wanted to see this movie because of the above sentences plus I love Meryl Streep, she's a brilliant actress.

    I'm trying to give my opinion of the film without relating it to my life personally but I just can't. If you want to know what my life is like right now finish reading this blog and go watch the film. LOL

   Warning though, this is not a film for kids. Although I believe children should see positive aspects of marriage, sex isn't something I'd like them to see portrayed/hinted very often (esp. without having serious talks about the boundaries). This film didn't show the actual happenings but went far enough to suggest what was going to occur before cutting the scene. For adults though I think it's fantastic that the director decided to portray marriage happily and "actively". Hollywood movies are always trying to tear down marriage by exampling cheating and unhappy spouses. It was beautiful to see Julie and Julia being content in their husbands and the men showing the same love and care for their wives. I hope to have a happy marriage like that. I know struggles and fighting are a shoe in but us continually working to be together happily and in love is what I dream of - if I ever get married.

    Lastly, ambition, I expected ambition from this movie but I didn't expect encouragement. To see the struggles of Julia and her partners have to go through to get their masterpiece published spurs me along to "Never give up. Never surrender". Julie's struggle to complete her year long task is one we can all relate to which I believe made her so popular when she was actually undertaking this project.

    I'm not going to spoil much else. I really enjoyed this movie and I hope the messages of food, love and ambition gets across to everyone who watches it. Now I'm about to take a little nap because I haven't been to sleep since 4 this morning.

I give it ♥♥♥♥☞ (4½ Hearts). The swearing was the ultimate knock off. Still iLoVeIt enough to give the plot 4 and a half hearts.

Nanny McPhee Returns

   I saw the first Nanny McPhee film in 2005 or '06 I liked it. It was a good story of loving your family, being good and imagination and the second film five years later lives up to the same theme. This film had a lot more CG in it than I remember being in the first movie. I liked the CG though because it was used to helpfully embellish the fantasy.

   This is a family film, enjoyable for everyone without being accosted by much. If you have a problem with kids seeing magic being portrayed as good then this definitely will be a problem film. I suggest you just explained to them that we shouldn't play with magic. If you make sure to have that conversation with kids and remind them from time to time of the truth they should grow to distinguish magic in films from reality.

Nanny McPhee will make you smile as the children learn and love. It's a pretty hilarious movie, something fun to watch with the family on a Friday night.

Enjoy the trailer

I give it ♥♥♥♥♥(5 Hearts) iLoVeIt!! Very fun and heart warming.

Letters To Juliet

   It was an entertaining movie but there's two things that made me not like this film enough to delay seeing it for so long. One, it's an overly emotional fluff chick flick. There's nothing really wrong with that I just like things a little more gritty and realistic at times. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this kind of film. So that's one and Two is the affair that I knew would happen by just looking at the trailer. I really don't like when people cheat, it's selfish. I think if you want someone else you should just break up with the other person and save them from looking like a fool as you break their heart even more. I don't care if it didn't escalate to a sexual affair but stopped at a kiss -that's still cheating!

   Sometimes my ears deceive me but I don't remember this film having any swearing in it which I very much appreciate. [Update: I found one but it was really hard to hear through the british accent.] I think this film had a good plot to it and was funny, adventurous and beautiful. Set in Italy, this movie makes you want to go on vacation there yourself. It's a really beautiful movie, they really captured some gorgeous scenes on the adventure. If the affair wasn't included I could really cheer the couple on but seeing hollywood once again try to destroy marriage by making the fiance look as caught up and foolish as possible dampens my joy in this movie. I'm trying my best to look at the bright side but outside of spoiling the movie I can only see the failures.

  You can basically guess your way through the movie but it's a nice film to try out. It's entertaining. There's one main thing of the film that I loved. It was the theme: Love last. If it was true [love] then why wouldn't it be true [love] now. Now there's the girly side of me showing. :D

I actually want to see "Remember Me" which was previewed before the movie started. Maybe I'll get to write a review on that some day soon. : ) Here's hoping.

Anyways!! So without further ado the trailer...

I give it ♥♥♥♥☞ (4 Hearts).  The affair and the fluff is making me want to give it 3 hearts but for girls who just want to just fantasize I kept it a 4. I want to LeaveIt but some may LoveIt.


I really want to see "Remember Me" which was previewed before Letters To Juliet started. Maybe I'll get to write a review on that some day soon. : ) Here's hoping.

I hope you all liked these reviews. Leave a comment on the films if you've seen them or plan to see them.


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