The Heart of the Matter: Growing Up

A while ago my friend and I were talking about the scenario of "if we had the chance to go back and do life over". We both said we would not take that opportunity. As much as we don't like the mistakes in our lives they've taught us and shaped us. And if we did go back who knows what blessings we received the first time would not be available the second.

As much as I'd like to change some mistakes I'm glad God doesn't give us that option. We'd all like to stop terrible things from happening but then we'd probably live in a perfect world. Although that sounds like a good idea at the moment it's not because we're still human. We need pain so that we learn from our mistakes and mature. Even bad things can shape us into better people.

I'd lose pain and with that valuable lessons. Lesson that bettered me and shaped my character. I'd lose compassion, empathy and my ability to teach others through life example. I'd lose my desire to be better and with that lack of self discipline. And the list would go on. Thank God for pain it makes us stronger.

We kind of do live in a perfect world. A world perfect for us non perfect people.


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